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Jul 11, 2016
Angela -

Backstage: Seth says Vince is here to see him. He says he is the face of the future and the number one draft pick. Seth says he knows they don’t want him to talk about Roman Reigns, but he has footage for everyone to see. Shane says that is perfect for the Ambrose Asylum and Stephanie does not like that idea. Seth says he has some talk show history and he almost replaced Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. He suggests the Rollins Report. He says Roman does not care what people think about him. He says it will be great. Seth leaves and Shane says it is all on her.

In Ring: it is time for Seth Rollins and the Rollins Report. Seth says he hopes everyone is ready because he has a scoop for everyone. He tells Anderson Cooper and Bill O’Reilly to watch out and he tells Jon Stewart to stay retired because he is the hottest investigative reporter out there. He says he has obtained exclusive footage of a one on one sit down interview with Roman Reigns where he asks the tough questions. We go to Seth ‘interviewing’ Roman earlier today. He asks Roman if he is disappointed that the WWE Universe knows that he is a liar, a cheater, and a disgrace. Roman says he is here to represent his family and the company. He is not here for second place. Seth says he expected Roman to show some remorse, but he appears proud of what he did. Roman laughs and he says he went all in and it is what it is. Seth asks Roman if he should be in the Triple Threat Match at Battleground and Roman says no. He is asked if he will be a terrible role model and he says he will do it as long as he has breath in his lungs. Seth asks Roman how he feels about Dean Ambrose as WWE Champion. Roman says the majority of him wants to puke. Seth says this proves that Roman shouldn’t be in the match at Battleground and he deserves a one on one match. Dean Ambrose’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring while JBL wonders how can Dean do this. Dean tells Seth that was good and he liked that Seth pulled the stick out of his butt to have some fun.

Seth says that Dean’s championship reign is a joke to him. He says Dean snuck up and stole the title from him at Money in the Bank. Seth says that Dean stole his life. He calls Dean a coward and says he cannot beat him one on one. Seth reminds Dean he held the title the entire year and Dean tried and tried and tried to take the title from him and he failed. No one could beat him for that title. You are afraid and now you won’t give him the one on one rematch. You would rather have Roman to team up on him and then sneak up and take the title from Roman. You can have your plan all you want. It will be about what it has always been about. It will be about who is the best. Who is the best member of the Shield. At Battleground, he will prove what he has known all along. He was better before the Shield, he was better during the Shield, and he will prove that he is better when they meet at Battleground. He says he will stomp on Dean’s dreams and take back his title at Battleground.

Dean says he likes to have fun and have a good time because he is on top of the world. It is sweet and he proved that he is more than a joke or utility guy. When the smoke cleared at the end of the day, he was still here. He is the backbone of this industry and everyone knows it. It is fun. Dean says Seth knows what kind of person he is and how many buckets of blood he has spilled and how many body parts he has lost. He says Seth knows how many miles of crap he has crawled through. If he went through all of that to get here, how far will he go to keep it. Whoever wants to take this will have to pry it from his cold, dead hands. It is not going to happen at Battleground. He says that Seth embarasses him. If Seth wants a one on one match, he says any time and any place. Seth says Detroit is as good a place as any . . . but not tonight. He says he will see Dean next week and they will do it on his time.

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