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Sep 27, 2016
Angela -

Backstage: Mick Foley stops Seth Rollins and asks him how is he feeling. Seth says he will be fine soon enough and he says nothing will stop him from going out during the Highlight Reel. Kevin Owens deserves pay back. Mick says Seth is not medically cleared. Seth says he saw Stephanie get in that limo and he won’t let Kevin brag about what happened. He says he hears Stephanie’s words come out of Mick’s mouth.

In Ring: Chris Jericho comes out for the Highlight Reel. Chris says Seth Rollins is on the list because poor Seth got hurt again. Chris says he has never been hurt in 17 years in WWE while Seth is on the injured list AGAYNE. The man who put Seth on the injured list is Chris’ guest tonight. He is Chris’ best friend and the longest reigning Universal Champion in WWE history . . . Kevin Owens. Kevin says this is really nice and he says it looks expensive. Jericho says it cost $6,500 5 years ago. Chris says a wise man once said that people who strive for mediocrity lack excellence. He says Kevin is the epitome of excellence. Kevin says he would normally be out here with a suit, but this is Cincinnati. He says he isn’t going to wear a suit in a city that gave us Dean Ambrose. He calls Dean a bum. Kevin says last night he proved to the world he is exactly who he says he is. He should have been the number one pick on Raw. He does not just belong in the main event, he is the main event. He proved that he is THE MAN. Not only did he retain his title, he hurt Seth Rollins and put him on the injured list. Don’t feel bad because what happened last night was karma. He walked around like the man for a year and a half.

Look at who he injured. He hurt The Great John Cena, the Icon Sting, and the Demon King Finn Balor. Seth was the most dangerous man in the WWE and Kevin took him out so that means it makes him the Most Dangerous Man In WWE.

Seth Rollins comes out and he is told to stay back by Fit Finlay and WWE security. Mick Foley comes out. Kevin tells them to take Seth to the back and then get a doctor’s note saying Seth cannot wrestle because Kevin Owens broke him in half. Seth goes to the back.

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  1. Julie Ramos
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    Its to bad Raw has to be so bad that the new champion gets help from other people to win. I only watch Raw because of Seth and Roman they are the best wrestlers on Raw. The other two Owens and Jericho need to retire they are a joke????

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