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Feb 28, 2017
Angela -

Corey brings out Seth Rollins and Seth’s leg has a brace on it and he has a crutch to help him come to the ring.
Corey asks Seth about his knee. Seth says it is alright. The tear was more significant than the first diagnosis. With him coming back soon, the rehab has been intense. It is what it is. Corey asks Seth where is his head at now. Seth says that is tricky. He says if he is being honest, this sucks. He felt the same snap in his knee and maybe he deserves this. Corey asks Seth to explain what he means by ‘I deserve it’. Seth says two years ago he was holding the title over his head at the end of Wrestlemania and it was the greatest moment of his career. What did I sacrifice for that? Seth says he pointed so many fingers and made so many excuses. Seth says he told the world he did not sell out, he bought in. Seth says he should have known better. Triple H stabbed him in the back. He was supposed to change and be something better and something different. Somewhere along the way, he lost sight of that. Seth says he has been feeling like this is his fault. Corey asks Seth about having to miss Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. Will you be at Wrestlemania? Seth says right now it does not look great. It does not look like the doctors are going to clear him for Wrestlemania.

Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way onto the stage and he walks to the ring. Hunter says he does not think he means it but Hunter says it is good to see Seth. Hunter says the last time he saw Seth, he did not think we would see him again. Hunter points to Samoa Joe on the other side of the ring and he asks Seth if he knows Joe. Hunter says that since Seth gave a wishy-washy answer earlier, he will give Seth the answer. Hunter says Seth will not be at Wrestlemania. Hunter says if Seth knows what is good for him, you won’t be at Wrestlemania. Hunter asks if Seth is coming to the realization that he deserves this? You knew this day was coming and you knew damn well what you were getting into. Hunter tells Seth he made him the man and the face of the WWE. You were the biggest star to come around in a long time. You shoved the title in everyone’s face. You told them you were the man.

Joe gets on the apron while Hunter tells Seth that he did this for him. You bit the hand that feeds you. What did you think was going to happen? Were you going to go your merry little ways? You are not stupid like these people. You know how this works. Hunter says he used Seth up and spit him out. Hunter tells Seth to man up and get over it. When he was doing that to him, you were profiting along the way. Hunter says he told everyone that you were the future, but you are the past. You are another washed up and beat up Superstar who is worthless. Hunter tells Seth to salvage what is left. You need to make the right decision. This is the most pivotal decision you have to make. Do not come to Wrestlemania. Do not call him out at Wrestlemania because he is done playing with Seth. He is done warding you. If you show up at Wrestlemania, Hunter swears if you show up it will be the last thing you ever do in a WWE ring. Seth tells Hunter a month ago he told his wife that he had nothing left to lose and that couldn’t be any truer now. Seth vows to be at Wrestlemania and if it is the last thing he ever does, Seth swears to Hunter that it will be the last thing that you ever do.

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