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Oct 17, 2017
Angela -

The Shield make their way through the crowd and they are in their vintage attire. Roman takes the mic and he says when the Hounds come to the ring, you have two choices. You get out of their yard or they kick your ass. Seth tells Roman to calm down and he says it feels good to be out here. It is amazing how things come full circle. Their first match was five years ago at TLC and they dominated. Every single night after that, when they were together, they dominated.

Then one day, that all went away. Seth says he is proud to stand here, five years later in this ring with his brothers because The Shield is back and better than ever. Dean mentions tables, ladders, and chairs. Thousands of pounds of steel surround the ring. That is not why Miz, The Bar, and Braun Strowman should be afraid. The battle lines are drawn and they will be facing the masters. No one divides and conquers better than the Shield. There is no force on Earth more powerful than the Shield. Dean says maybe he got a little ahead of himself when he said they could face four, five, or six people, but he would say the same thing. They don’t care. Dean tells them to come out so they can throw down in Portland. Braun Strowman’s music plays and he is joined by Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, and Curtis Axel. Kurt tells everyone that the TLC match will not happen tonight. Kurt tells Sheamus and Cesaro if they want their title match, don’t move. He tells Braun Strowman if he wants his steel cage match, don’t move.

Sheamus and Cesaro versus Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the WWE Raw Tag Titles
Sheamus and Dean start things off. They lock up and Sheamus backs Dean into the corner and he misses a punch. Dean with kicks and chops in the corner. Sheamus with a boot when Dean charges into the corner. Sheamus with a knee to the midsection followed by a punch. Dean with a knee to the midsection. Seth tags in and both men hit drop kicks to send Sheamus to the floor. Cesaro is clotheslined over the top rope to the floor and then Dean and Seth with pescados onto Sheamus and Cesaro. Rollins goes up top and Sheamus stops him. Sheamus distracts the referee and Cesaro with a clothesline on the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with a reverse chin lock on Rollins. Rollins with punches to escape and Rollins knocks Cesaro off the apron. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro tags in and they send Rollins sternum first into the turnbuckles and follow with a double super kick. Cesaro gets a near fall. Cesaro with a European uppercut and front face lock. Rollins tries to get to his corner to make a tag but Cesaro stops him. Cesaro with a knee to Rollins and he kicks Ambrose off the apron. Rollins with a back body drop but Ambrose is on the floor. Sheamus tags in and he sends Rollins into the air for a European uppercut and Sheamus gets a near fall. Sheamus argues with the referee but Rollins cannot take advantage of Sheamus losing focus. Sheamus kicks Rollins and punches him. Sheamus with a European uppercut. Rolilns blocks a punch and Rollins with a punch and chops followed by a back heel kick. Rollins moves and Sheamus goes into the post. Cesaro tags in and Rollins sends Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Rollins makes the tag and Ambrose with running forearms and a clothesline.

Ambrose with a running forearm but Cesaro escapes the bulldog. Ambrose with a neck breaker and he goes up top but Cesaro avoids him. Ambrose tries to catapult Cesaro into the post but Cesaro lands on the turnbuckles. Ambrose kicks Cesaro and sends him to the floor. Ambrose with suicide dives onto Sheamus and Cesaro. Ambrose with the elbow to the chest off the turnbuckles and Sheamus breaks up the cover. Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Rollins. Sheamus is sent to the apron. Cesaro with a boot to Ambrose and then Cesaro hits a springboard clothesline and Rollins breaks up the cover. Cesaro with a European uppercut to Rollins. Cesaro and Sheamus go for a double Splash Mountain. Rollins with the V Trigger and Ambrose with the double underhook DDT for the three count.

Winners: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Braun Strowman versus Roman Reigns in a Steel Cage Match
Reigns with a kick to the chest and he gets Strowman up for a Samoan drop and hits it but Strowman pushes Reigns up to kick out. Reigns climbs the cage and gets to the top. Sheamus and Cesaro appear at the cage and stop Reigns. Ambrose and Rollins stop Sheamus and Cesaro. Ambrose clotheslines Sheamus over the ringside barrier. Reigns climbs over the cage but Strowman stops Reigns and pulls him back over the cage and he hits a superplex. Strowman gets a near fall. We see Ambrose, Rollins, Sheamus, and Cesaro continue to battle and they fight by the tables, ladders, and chairs on the stage. Cesaro and Sheamus go after Rollins and Ambrose follows. Miz leaves the announce table and we see the battle go into the back of the arena. Rollins hits Cesaro with a chair and throws it at him. Sheamus hits Ambrose but Ambrose hits Sheamus with the chair. Miz closes the gate to keep Dean and Seth from getting back to the ring.
Winner: Braun Strowman

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