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Oct 23, 2017
Angela -

WWE TLC Kick-Off
Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were interviewed. Rollins said they were feeling good. Dean said he’s not in a good mood at all. Dean said he doesn’t know what Angle’s plans and motivations are but he’s not jumping into the kiddie end of the pool. It’s war. Rollins said he never thought he’d be competing with Angle. Dean admitted it was cool but said they were coming to burn everything down like Kamikaze pilots. They turned down the chance to give away their strategy but promised they had something up their sleeves. Ambrose said it was a four stage plan – tables, ladder, chairs, war.

Backstage: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose came to Kurt Angle backstage. He said they wanted to do this 2 on 5, but he couldn’t allow that. He said he didn’t know how much he had left in the ring because it was the first time in 11 years but he would give them all that he has. They cut him off. They said they didn’t come to talk about why he is doing this, but to give him this – and handed him a Shield vest. Angle was all about that.

Kurt Angle & Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman & The Miz & Cesaro & Sheamus & Kane in a handicap TLC Match
Everyone began brawling. Team Angle began drilling everyone with chairs to drive them from the ring. Kane was left along and everyone beat him three on one with the chairs. It’s been all sorts of brawling with Team Angle in charge. They placed Braun and Kane on announce tables outside the ring and set up ladders. Rollins and Ambrose came off the ladders with splash through the tables with the idea being they were trying to take out the biggest monsters on the team. Rollins grabbed at his knee right away and Ambrose was taken out from the force of doing the move, leaving Angle trapped in a three on one situation against Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro. They drove a ladder into the ribs of Angle. They mocked the Shield and teased doing the triple powerbomb but Ambrose and Rollins hit the ring for the save. Cesaro smashed Rollins with a piece of the announce table.

Angle began whipping out German suplexes on Miz then gave some to Sheamus. Cesaro got one for good measure as well. The crowd was loving the hell out of that. Kane stood up and charged Kane. He almost got caught with a German suplex but Kane slipped out and went for the chokeslam. Angle escaped and went for the anklelock. Strowman broke it up with a double leg takedown, dragged Angle out and tossed Kurt into the guard rail.

Strowman grabbed Angle and nailed him with a running powerslam through a table on the floor. Medical officials swarmed over Angle with the idea being that there was no way he could continue. Rollins and Ambrose attacked Team Miz but were quickly overwhelmed. They were beaten with chairs on the floor.

Medical officials walked Angle out to the back. We’ll see whether this leads to the big comeback later.

All five members of Team Miz worked over Ambrose and Rollins. They beat them for a long time with chairs. Rollins and Ambrose made a comeback but were taken out. Kane accidentally nailed Strowman with a chair. Braun shoved him down. Miz tried to calm them down. That allowed Rollins and Ambrose to attack and attempt a comeback but they were beaten down again.

Sheamus went to put Dean through a table but it didn’t break. That’s actually worse. They set the table up in a corner and Braun drove Dean through it. Miz called for a garbage truck, which was backed up on the side of the stage. They beat down Dean and Seth on the entrance stage as they waited for the truck.

Team Miz dragged Dean and Seth towards the truck. They were tossed into it but battled their way out and climbed up the truck. They dove off the truck onto everyone on the floor. The brawl made its way back to the ringside area with Seth and Dean doubleteaming Miz as everyone else recovered back by the entrance. They beat him back to the entranceway and set up several tables as Miz tried to crawl to safety.

Kane attacked Dean and Seth, assisting Miz. They battled against the LED screen. Dean and Seth went for a double suplex through a table but Braun attacked them. Kane attacked Braun, getting revenge for being shoved down earlier and chokeslammed Braun through the stage set up for the announcing table.

After they showed several replays, we came back to Kane standing above the hole. Braun’s hand came up to grab him. Kane looked up and yanked down a series of chairs that were hanging as part of the stanging, bringing them down on Strowman in the hole. The announcers said Stroman was somehow still moving but a camera shot showed him out under the pile of chairs.

Kane went right back after Dean and Seth. They battled him, two to one. They failed. Kane nailed a double chokeslam on them through two tables on the stage. Cesaro and Sheamus returned to the fray. Braun rose from the wreckage. Kane looked shocked. Miz tried to beg him to not fight. Braun threw him hard into the LED board and then attacked Cesaro and Sheamus.

Braun and Kane began brawling off the stage and onto the floor. He went for the running powerslam on the floor on Kane, but Cesaro and Sheamus attacked. Miz joined the fray and they began putting the boots to him, four on one. They tossed Braun into the garbage truck and then closed the crusher, “trapping him” inside.

The remaining members of Team Miz dragged Seth back to the ring and beat him. They went for the pin but Ambrose made the save. They beat him down. Angle’s Olympic theme hit and he came out, holding his ribs. Cesaro and Sheamus charged down the aisle but were laid out as Angle backdropped Cesaro on the ramp, then snapped Sheamus with an Olympic Slam. He was pissed and hit the ring but was laid out with a Kane clothesline. Kane went for the tombstone but was attacked by Rollins and Ambrose with chairs.

Dean and Seth speared Kane through the barricade on the floor, paying tribute to Roman Reigns, in a sense. Miz snuck up on Angle and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale, but Angle kicked out Miz argued with referee John Cone. The crowd chanted “USA!” for Angle. Miz went for his finale again but Angle rolled through and locked in the anklelock. Miz was able to roll through and kicked Angle, who bounced rudely over the top rope and went to the floor.

Miz was left in the ring alone. Dean, Seth and Kurt got up on each side of the aisle. Miz was caught and drilled with a high knee, Dirty Deeds and an Olympic Slam. They did the Shield triple powerbomb on Miz and scored the pin.

Winners: WWE Raw Tag Team champions Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins and Kurt Angle!

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