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Apr 17, 2018
Angela -

Miz, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens versus Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, and Bobby Roode
Rollins wants to start for his team while Owens waits for someone to start. Owens with a kick to the midsection followed by punches and kicks. Owens with more punches and a knee to the midsection. Owens with an Irish whip but Rollins with a flatline into the turnbuckles. Rollins with a clothesline and he sends Owens to the floor and Rollins with a pescado. We have five men in the ring and five on the floor as we go to commercial. We are back and Axel with a side head lock on Rollins. Rollins with a drop kick and he tags in Roode. Roode with a kick and suplex for a near fall. Balor tags in and he goes up top and hits a double sledge to the arm. Axel with a punch and a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Strowman wants to tag in but Axel runs Balor into the corner and Owens tags in and he punches Balor. Dallas tags in and he kicks Balor. Dallas with punches and Miz tags in.

Miz kicks Balor and chokes him in the corner. Owens chokes Balor while the referee is out of position. Miz with a boot to Balor for a near fall. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Balor with punches but Miz with Reality Check for a near fall. Zayn tags in and he punches Balor in the midsection and then the head. Zayn misses a splash into the corner and Lashley tags in with a clothesline and overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lashley with a clothesline into the corner followed by a shoulder. Lashley knocks Owens off the apron and that distraction allows Zayn to hit a clothesline. Lashley with a clothesline and then he sets for a delayed vertical suplex.

Lashley press slams Miz onto Axel and Dallas on the floor. Owens sends Rollins back into the ring and he connects with cross faces and applies a reverse chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Rollins was sent over the top rope to the floor. Owens keeps Rollins from making the tag and sends him to the mat and hits a back senton for a near fall. Owens pulls Rollins into his corner and Miz tags in and kicks Rollins in the midsection. Miz sends Rollins into the turnbuckles and kicks him. Rollins tries to fight out of the corner but Miz with a kick to the knee and a DDT for a near fall.

Miz sets for the It Kicks and Miz goes for a round kick but misses. Rollins with a rollup for a near fall. Rollins with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Bo and Curtis pull Balor and Lashley off the apron. Strowman and Roode go after Axel and Dallas but Rollins was ready for the tag but no one was in the corner. Rollins with an enzuigiri and then Strowman goes to the floor to go after Owens and Zayn. Roode and Axel tag in and Roode with clotheslines followed by an Irish whip and neck breaker. Roode goes up top and hits a clothesline. Roode sets for the Glorious DDT but Axel sends Roode into the corner. Roode with a boot and blockbuster for a near fall. Roode sends Bo to the floor. Axel clips Roode and Miz tags in and he sets for the Figure Four Leg Lock but Roode with an inside cradle for a near fall. Roode with a clothesline and Braun wants to be tagged in.

Strowman tags in and Miz goes to the floor and chases MIz around the ring. Strowman knocks Owens out of the way and then he punches Zayn. Miz with kicks and Strowman with a choke slam. Dallas comes in and he is sent into the turnbuckles. Axel is sent into the corner and Strowman misses a shoulder in the corner and hits the ring post. Balor with a forearm to Axel and Slingblade to Dallas. Rollins sends Axel to the floor and hits a suicide dive onto Axel. Roode with a Glorious DDT to Zayn. Owens with a super kick to Roode. Lashley with a spinebuster to Owens. Miz sends Lashley to the floor.

Miz with two running drop kicks into the corner. Strowman stops a third one with a drop kick of his own. Axel refuses the tag from Miz and goes to the floor. Dallas does the same. Miz says that he made them and then he turns around with a sad look on his face because he knows what is behind him. Strowman with a splash into the corner followed by a running power slam for the three count.

Winners: Bobby Roode, Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Braun Strowman

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