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Jul 10, 2018
Angela -

Backstage: Seth Rollins walks in the back and Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh stop him. Jinder says life is beautiful. Instead of burning it down, you must embrace it. You can achieve inner peace if you chant his mantra. Seth says that maybe when he is burning it down, he is burning down pieces of his soul. Jinder chants Shanti and Seth leaves.

In Ring: Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Seth says over the years, you have given him some sweet nicknames. Mr. Money in the Bank since he won it in Boston. The Kingslayer, the Architect, Monday Night Rollins. The only moniker that matters now is Former Intercontinental Champion. Seth says he has an opportunity to change that. At Extreme Rules, he goes one on one against Dolph Ziggler for thirty minutes. The man with the most wins in that period is the Iron Man and leaves Extreme Rules as the Intercontinental Champion. Dolph is no joke. He is a veteran and he is savvy. Seth says that Dolph will bring that overgrown Scottish Wookiee, Drew McIntyre.

Dolph’s music interrupts and he makes his way to the stage with Drew McIntyre. Dolph thanks Seth for the kind words. He tells everyone not to be fooled because he will not only bring his good looks and this giant psychopath with him. He is also bringing the title. Don’t think for one second that he is not walking out of Extreme Rules as your champion. Drew says it is not all bad. At least you will have your nicknames and you will get a glimpse at the future of this place. Dolph says you are still Seth ‘Freaking’ Rollins. You are one of the best wrestlers to set foot in that ring. Dolph says you are no Dolph Ziggler. When it comes to that Iron Man match, he might win 5-0, 10-0, 100-0, or 1000-0.

Seth says the peroxide might be getting to Dolph’s brain. Dolph says you lost that one shred. Everything you poured into this title made it sweeter when he pried it from Seth’s hands. You don’t win an Iron Man Match by swinging a sledgehammer or flipping over tires. It is nothing you do in a Crossfit gym. You win by racking up victory after victory. Dolph says he is not one to brag, but at Kent State, he wrapped up enough victories he walked out the winningest wrestler.

Seth congratulates Dolph on 121 wins in college. He asks Drew if he graduated from Kent State. Drew says it does not matter where he has been, it is where he is going. He is going straight to the top. Seth says that Drew will be going wherever Dolph tells him to go. Seth wants to know why Drew is taking orders from that pipsqueak. Seth says Dolph knows your secrets. Seth asks that there are no photographs. It gets lonely in Scotland and there are only so many sheep to go around.

Dolph says it won’t be so funny after Extreme Rules when they roll over Seth on Sunday. Drew tells Seth to prove how much of a man he really is. Drew challenges Seth to a match tonight. Seth accepts the challenge and he tells Drew to be careful because he is a baaaaaaaaad man. Drew goes into the ring and so does Dolph but Seth gets out of the ring before they can get their hands on Seth.

Seth Rollins versus Drew McIntyre (with Dolph Ziggler) in an If Drew wins he can be at ringside for the Intercontiental Title Match on Sunday, but if he loses, he is banned from Ringside Match
They lock up and Drew backs Seth into the corner and he pushes Seth and has something to say to Rollins. They lock up again and Drew sends Seth face first into the mat. Rollins with jabs and a side head lock. Rollins holds on when Drew tries to send Seth off the ropes. Drew blocks a side head lock take down and he sends Seth to the mat with a shoulder tackle. Drew with a side head lock take down. Rollins with a drop kick but Drew with a shoulder tackle. Rollins with chops and punches but Drew with a punch and deadlift suplex for a near fall. Drew chops Seth a few times and then he applies an arm bar. Rollins with punches and chops but Drew with a back drop for a near fall. Drew with a seated abdominal stretch. Drew with a clothesline and then he stomps on Seth’s head. Drew with a chop and then he applies an arm bar. Rollins lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Rollins drops down and Drew goes over the top rope to the floor. Rollins with a baseball slide and then he goes for a suicide dive and Drew catches Rollins and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam on the apron. We are back and Drew with an arm bar. Rollins with chops and forearms but Drew with an Irish whip. Rollins is sent across the ring via an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Drew with punches and then he stomps on Seth’s head. Drew with a chop and then he stomps on the hand when Rollins reaches for the ropes. Drew stomps on the head and then he applies an arm bar. Rollins with a jaw breaker to escape the hold. Drew goes for a deadlift suplex but Rollins with a knee. Rollins with a flatliner into the turnbuckles.

Rollins with chops and forearms followed by clotheslines but Drew stays on his feet. Drew with a boot but Rollins with Slingblade and Drew is down and on the floor. Rollins with a suicide dive and then he hits a second one. Rollins sends Drew back into the ring and hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Drew with a back body drop but Rollins lands on his feet and he connects with a boot followed by a blockbuster for a near fall.

Rollins sets for a super kick and he hits a thrust kick and misses Black Out. Rollins with a forearm into the corner but Drew with a forearm and reverse wheelbarrow slam for a near fall. Drew goes for a slam but Rollins lands on his feet and gets a near fall with a rollup. Rollins with a chop but he misses an enzuigiri. Drew with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Rollins rolls to the apron and Drew sends Rollins into the turnbuckles. Drew goes to the turnbuckles and he sets for a superplex but Rollins drops under and crotches Drew.

Rollins falls to the apron to recover and Seth with an enzuigiri and Drew is caught in the turnbuckles. Rollins goes up top and Drew pulls himself up and throws Rollins across the ring. Drew runs into a super kick and Rollins with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Drew with a head butt and he gets a near fall. Drew gets Rollins on his shoulders and Drew climbs the turnbuckles for a super Air Raid Crash but Rollins escapes and he sets for a buckle bomb and hits it. Rollins with a thrust kick to the head and then Rollins goes up top. Rollins kicks Ziggler and Seth with a cross body for a near fall.

Rollins with an enzuigiri and then he hits Black Out on Ziggler. Drew with the Claymore for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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