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Apr 2, 2019
Cassidy -

Seth Rollins Confronts Brock Lesnar on the Raw before WrestleMania

Seth was not about to let Brock Lesnar and his advocate have the last word tonight. Paul Heyman boldy declared that Brock Lesnar would “violate” Seth Rollins at WrestleMania and destruction would follow, even if Rollins hit Lesnar with his best shot. Rollins on the other hand has a strong belief that Lesnar has violated the WWE title by failing to be a fighting champion, and failing to show up each week on Raw. Rollins interrupts Heyman’s long winded rant, and stands face-to-face with the Champion.

Seth states the obvious, “Nobody wants you here.” He emphasizes that both the fans and the locker room have grown tired of Lesnar’s bully behavior, and his attitude that he can waltz making demands on a whim. The fans roar their approval while Lesnar simply grins and laughs. Lesnar continues to laugh at Seth throughout his decry that he will take Lesnar’s title, and there is nothing he can do about it. He tells Lesnar to laugh it up, because his life will soon change. As Lesnar turns to leave, Seth attacks him with a kick to the groin, and a barrage of fists. This earns Rollins a German suplex, but he wisely wriggles off Lesnar’s shoulders to avoid an F-5. Rollins finishes Lesnar off with a super-kick, and a massive curb-stomp, as the camera angle shifts to face the WrestleMania sign.

Seth grabs the WWE Universal Championship belt and holds it high, before walking to the back.

Backstage: Seth is stopped in the hallway for a quick comment. He is warned that if he uses similar tactics like on Sunday, he will face a DQ. Seth shrugs, and says that Lesnar had it coming anyways, and he notes that he isn’t a champion – yet.

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