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Jul 16, 2015
Angela -

WWWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins joined the newest edition of “The Buzz with Jimmy Traina.” Rollins, who will face Brock Lesnar at “Battleground” this Sunday on pay-per-view and the WWE Network, talked about his infamous “Johnny Idiot Face” jab at Johnny Manziel; when he learned he’d be winning the title at WrestleMania; how he thanked Roman Reigns when he pinned him at WrestleMania; his love of Crossfit; old-school wrestling; his worst injuries; his trademark blond streak; John Cena’s standing among fans and superstars; what it’s like to travel with a WWE title belt and “Money in the Bank” briefcase; working with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar; and much more.


Apr 30, 2015
Carol -

Days after the Smackdown taping that took place in Moline, Illinois following a busy media tour yet another interview with Seth has surfaced. You can listen to Seth discuss winning the world title at Wrestlemania, Black and Brave Wrestling Academy, what a day as a WWE Superstar is like and more below!

Apr 28, 2015
Carol -

Seth stopped by the 97x studio this morning to get everybody pumped up for WWE Smackdown tonight at the iWireless Center. You can check out clips of his interview as well as photos below:

Feb 2, 2015
Kaitlin -

Jan 29, 2015
Angela -

Speaking to James Delow on talkSPORT’s new WWE podcast Gorilla Position (which you can listen to by clicking HERE), Rollins admitted he would like to “test the water” – and himself – against his boss.

“I wouldn’t mind having a match with Triple H some day, a singles match,” said Rollins, 28. “I know that’s interesting considering our current affiliation, but there doesn’t always have to be an element of hate involved there – it could be a competitive match.

“He’s someone who is a measuring stick, he’s done a lot for me specifically and I’d just like to test the water at some point. I think it would be a really interesting match up.” Seth continued: “For me, he’s been an incredible mentor. You really can’t ask for a better mentor than The Game himself.

“If you look at what he’s done in our industry over the last 20 years and his position in the company, It is incredible. “He thinks about things so differently too. You may not think that about him – a lot of people may think he’s very vanilla or cut and dry – but man, he thinks about things so differently and he absolutely loves WWE. Just loves it, it is his passion.”

Triple H, 45, is in charge of talent development when he’s not in character on TV, and Rollins believes the future of the company is in good hands.

“He’s built for the role he’s in now. It’s an exciting time,” he adds.

“I’m proud to be part of what I believe to be his WWE, the future is he’s shaping.

“I’m really excited to see how that goes. It’s really his time to take this step and I’m glad to be taking it with him.”

Rollins also praised WWE’s developmental facility in Florida, bringing on the next generation of WWE talent.

He said: “It is an amazing set up and certainly an accelerated system for guys who have never, ever learnt a thing about wrestling in their life.

“It will pay dividends going forward but to me there’s no replacement for having passion, heart and desire and just working your way from the bottom up.”

Highlighting the wealth of experienced stars such as Dusty Rhodes, Bill DeMott, Billy Gunn, Norman Smiley and Robbie Brookside who coach the new recruits, Rollins explained how the Performance Center gives rookies the best opportunity to reach their sports entertainment potential.

“There are so many guys to learn from, so many styles. Guys who are well-travelled made millions and millions of dollars, everything there is to know about professional wrestling.

“If you can’t learn from them in everything, how to cut promos, how to be a character, how to wrestle inide the rings, the ins and outs… And on top of that, you’re getting paid to train!

“I had to pay to train, working odd jobs… If you’re getting paid to live in sunny Florida and train under the greatest minds of our era and you can’t succeed, you’re just not built for this.

“Get out of here, do something else because you’re not cut out for this.”

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