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Jun 19, 2017
Angela -

2K will crown The Kingslayer as the face of its flagship WWE video game franchise. Seth Rollins was revealed as the cover Superstar for WWE 2K18 and officially confirmed the honor today during a segment on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” “The Kingslayer will be gracing the cover of this year’s WWE 2K18 video game,” Rollins said to ESPN anchor Randy Scott.

Rollins, a two-time WWE Champion who currently competes on Raw, eagerly accepted his place in the exclusive fraternity of legendary Superstars who have appeared on WWE video game covers.
Following in the footsteps of other WWE 2K cover Superstars — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Cena, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar — I now carry the torch and proudly represent a new generation of WWE Superstars,” Rollins said in a press release. In addition to naming Rollins as the WWE 2K18 cover Superstar, 2K unveiled details on three different editions of its latest WWE video game.

They are:
– The WWE 2K18 Standard Edition, which includes a physical or digital copy of WWE 2K18 as well as a pre-order bonus.
– The WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition, which includes all the Standard Edition benefits plus access to the WWE 2K18 Season Pass, bonus digital content and early access to the game four days prior to release.
– The WWE 2K18 Collector’s Edition, which includes all the Deluxe Edition benefits except the option of a digital download. However, players who pick up the Collector’s Edition will receive exclusive physical WWE collectibles. 2K will announce more information about these editions and bonus features this summer.

Monday’s major announcement by 2K also confirms that Rollins will be the first Superstar to join the WWE 2K18 roster of playable characters. Additional playable characters will be announced later in 2017.


Feb 1, 2017
Carol -
0 cameras capture Seth Rollins leaving Raw after suffering an injury at the hands of Samoa Joe.

Seth Rollins’ right knee was re-injured during Samoa Joe’s ambush at the conclusion of this Monday’s Raw, can now confirm. The attack occurred as Rollins was heading to the ring to finally confront Triple H, who cost The Architect a WWE Universal Championship opportunity back in August. cameras captured footage of Rollins leaving the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas, Monday night, but no specific details on the former WWE Champion’s condition have been revealed. Rollins is set to be evaluated later this week.

Stay with as this story develops.

Dec 29, 2016
Angela -

24. Team Raw (Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman) vs. Team SmackDown LIVE (AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Shane McMahon, Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton) — 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Men’s Elimination Match (Survivor Series)
If there was a WWE equivalent to a big-budget summer popcorn flick this year, it was undoubtedly the Survivor Series main event. The heavily hyped battle between Raw and SmackDown LIVE was so packed with marquee stars, high stakes and even comic relief (thanks to Team Blue mascot James Ellsworth) that you wouldn’t have been surprised to find out it was directed by Joss Whedon. The nearly hourlong (!) affair — which saw Roman Reigns almost hospitalize Shane McMahon with the ugliest Spear of 2016, The Shield Triple-Powerbomb AJ Styles through an announce table and Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt walk out as survivors — left us slack-jawed, breathless, and asking one question: When’s the sequel?

17. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins — WWE Championship Match (Money in the Bank)
WE SAID: Nearly seven months after Seth Rollins went down with a devastating knee injury, The Architect battled his one-time Shield brother-in-arms, Roman Reigns, for WWE’s greatest title at WWE Money in the Bank. Both Superstars fought tooth-and-nail, but Rollins finally countered The Big Dog’s Spear by hitting a miraculous mid-air Pedigree for the win. Before Rollins could celebrate, however, the third Shield member, “Mr. Money in the Bank” Dean Ambrose, emerged and cashed-in his contract to take the title just like that. — MIKE BURDICK

THEY SAID: “For me, that was six-and-a-half months off, first pay-per-view match back and trying to get a championship against Roman Reigns. A lot of nerves going in, a lot of uncertainty. But it was like riding a bike. Roman and I know each other so well. Very competitive back-and-forth match. A lot of heart from both sides, and to be able to come out on top was pretty awesome for me, [because] I wanted that badly. I wanted to prove I was still the same guy I was before surgery and rehab. At the end of the day, even though Ambrose walked out of Money in the Bank with the championship, I still proved I was The Man.” — Seth Rollins

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Jun 23, 2016
Angela -

Seth Rollins will appear in Syfy’s film franchise “Sharknado” as AstroTech Lopez in “Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens,” premiering Sunday, July 31 at 8 p.m. In addition to The Architect, the film stars Tara Reid, Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff and features appearances from Gilbert Gotfried, Steve Guttenberg and Paul Shaffer.


May 16, 2016
Angela -

According to, Rollins’ return from knee surgery is scheduled to take place on or near the June 6 episode of Raw, one week after the already advertised return of Cena. Of course, during the absences of Cena and Rollins, as well as Orton, the WWE has had a mixed bag of results as it attempts to push new stars. On one hand, WrestleMania 32 was the most successful WWE pay-per-view of all-time, smashing all sorts of company records. On the other hand, Raw ratings are in the tank and have been for most of the time that Cena and Rollins have been injured. While Cena’s return is obviously crucial to the future success of WWE, Rollins’ return is just as is important. He’s one of WWE’s highest paid superstars and one of its top overall performers, with an incredibly bright future as either a heel or a babyface—depending on what role he’s placed in upon his return. That will also affect which superstars Rollins will feud with, but regardless of whether he’s a hero or a villain, it’s fair to say that there will be no shortage of great rivalries for him when he’s back. Let’s take a look at five potential return feuds for the highly anticipated comeback of Seth Rollins, who should breathe new life into a WWE product that needs it.

Kevin Owens
If Rollins returns as a face, there’s no better full-time heel for him to feud with than Kevin Owens. The WWE is noticeably lacking in the top heel department, and Owens easily takes the crown as the best overall heel performer in the company. The booking of his character hasn’t been as consistent as it should be, but still, he’s proven to be a true heel who actually wants to get booed and would thus make the perfect opponent for Rollins. It is going to be almost impossible to book Rollins as anything but a face upon his return because the fans are going to respect him so much for quickly working his way back from a devastating knee injury that could have ended his career. So, if he does indeed return as a fan favorite and WWE wants him to feud with a heel rather than another face, then Owens is that guy. Owens vs. Rollins could catapult both guys to new heights in their respective roles and would almost assuredly result in an incredible series of matches from two of WWE’s best in-ring performers.

AJ Styles
Can you say dream match?
With AJ Styles firmly entrenched as a main-event talent along with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of “The Club,” there may never be a better time to see Styles vs. Rollins in a rivalry that didn’t even seem like a possibility just a year or two ago. Styles’ popularity is soaring right now, and Rollins’ is sure to as well upon his return, making this a potentially intriguing clash of two superb talents. Whether Rollins works as the heel or battles Styles in a face vs. face feud, these are two rare superstars who have the backing of both the casual fan and the hardcore ones, and they would legitimately have the potential to put on a few Match of the Year candidates against each other and be the torchbearers of WWE’s “New Era.” Continue Reading

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